Women Empowerment

The struggle for the liberation of women from the toxic circles of patriarchy has started centuries back. And the fight still continues. The social hierarchy of India places Dalit women at the lower most position, where they experiences exploitation at various levels.
Sexual violence is used as a tool by the upper caste and landlords to silence the Dalit women and their families. NCRB data 2019 shows that Uttar Pradesh reported second most sexual violence cases against women and children.
Sexual Crime against Children above 6 years of age – 243
Sexual Crime against Women – 2859
Based on data from Crime in India 2019, sexual crimes against Scheduled Caste women increased by 20.67% over the past four years, reported Scroll.in quoting IndiaSpend.
Dalit women live at the intersection between caste and gender. Our rural population largely consists of Dalit women, who are victims of structural violence, silently struggling with the burdens of illiteracy, domestic violence, low wages, unstable employment and reproductive responsibilities. Positioned at the bottom of caste and gender hierarchies, they are the primary victims of all forms of violence and exploitation.
Our work for the empowerment of Dalit women, especially the women belonging to Musahar community, begins with organizing women, providing awareness on their rights and entitlements, vocational training and livelihood opportunities. We believe that no woman shall be denied their right to expression and a dignified life in all aspects.
Women CBOs formed: 51