Our Story: 

We began our journey in the year 1998 through a group of ignited youngsters belonging to Dalit communities, who were firm in their mind to fight caste and social discrimination. Fight against caste is also fight against poverty, injustice and other discriminatory social norms. For about twenty two years, we have been working for the upliftment of socially excluded groups and communities. Our work focuses on improving the quality of life of people belonging to the marginalized communities with special focus on Education, Health care, Livelihood promotion and Gender equality.   

Over the years, we have been continuously involved in capacity building programs, workshops and training, awareness programmes and advocacy. Around 10,000 families and around 22,000 adolescents from the age group 10-19, are currently joined with us through our various projects.   

The goal is to bring in socio-economic changes by enhancing people’s capacity.  


We are operational in Jaunpur & Azamgarh districts in the Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh working with more than 10,000 Dalit and Musahar Families.


  1. To promote national integrity, peace and mutual amity
  2. To create enabling environment for educational development of children and girls
  3. To serve destitute and neglected people and develop decent feelings among them
  4. To promote environment friendly science and technology
  5. To conduct various programmes for overall development of people belonging to weaker sections and living below poverty line in the operational area
  6. To cooperate in national development and social welfare programmes/ campaigns
  7. To educate, make aware and organised Dalits and deprived families and build appropriate environment for mainstreaming them so they can lead humane life
  8. To make rural women aware of their rights and sensitise them