Health Care

Child Stunting among children under 5 years of age in Uttar Pradesh is 46.3%, above the National average of 38.4
Anemia among women belonging to the age group 15-49 stands at 52.4%, as per NFHS – 4
Infant Mortality Rate in Uttar Pradesh stands at 64%
Reports suggest that Malnourishment and Child Mortality Rate are higher among Musahar Community.
The health statistics of rural India continue to be poor. The available services are not accessible for the socially marginalized communities. There need to be larger changes in the Health service sector to bring an overall development to the suffering marginalized communities.
With malnourishment at a high rate among the children from Musahar community, there is a dire need to enhance the health services which the marginalized communities can access. The government hospitals need to magnify their services with quality and sufficient food and nutrient support for children. There are cases of home deliveries reported in Musahar communities, with no health services being provided from the Primary Health Care centers. From the service providers discriminatory attitude to the non-accessibility of services and unawareness, there are a number of challenges that constitutes the Dalit communities as the majority among those with poor health indicators.

We conduct:

Health Camps
Awareness Camps
Linking Community with Health Services
Nutritional Support for Malnourished Children
Trainings and meetings ASHA and ANM