COVID-19 emergency

Covid-19 Response

Over the years, we had committed ourselves to engage in Poverty alleviation measures. We had been working to improve the Livelihood opportunities of the community we work with. The unskilled members of the community with no fixed income are depended on the daily works they get or are migrated to other lands in search of a better life. But the unprecedented arrival of the Pandemic and the Lockdown that followed created a most unfavorable environment for them, socially and economically.
The world was on a standstill. The impact of the Pandemic extends from loss of lives and livelihood to the increase in Violence and discrimination. While others could protect themselves from the virus spread by shutting themselves off from the main streets, the Dalit and Musher community members in the region, who are mostly depended on daily wages to run their daily needs, were suffering to make both ends meet. There was dire need for food. With loss of income, and nation under lockdown, the covid situations became the most unfavorable for them.
Our committed members were on the field throughout the time, when the world was locked down. Our team was engaged in extending a helping hand to the suffering families whose income and livelihood were severely affected by the Pandemic. We reached out to the communities in delivering ration and sanitation kit in the first phase of lockdown, and ration along with some income generation helps in the second phase.

Dry Ration kit Distribution:


The impact of Covid-19 has hit the marginalized communities deeply. With income lost, the families of the daily wage workers were staring at deep hunger. They had to pass many days with no meals. People like Madina Devi, testifies that they had to depend on bank loan to attend the family needs. Madina Devi is a resident of the village Rampur Kala, in the Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Many like her were staring at starvation and hunger when we reached out to them for the distribution of Dry Ration. Around 1300 families have so far been provided with Dry Ration support to overcome the challenges raised by the Pandemic impacted lockdown.

In the more destructive times of Covid-19 second wave, we are still on the field distributing emergency relief kits and medical support. Donate us and help us reach more families.

Kitchen Garden:

Kitchen Garden was a community intervention programme that benefitted more than 200 poor families during the lockdown. The three month lockdown pushed the daily wage labourers into edges with unavailability of income and food. The initiative helped the families from the socio-economically backward families to grow their own organic food at their own homes. The nutritional needs of the family and the loss of livelihoods were both addressed and met at the same time with the production of vegetables at home itself.
The initiative saw success once the families started reaping the harvest. Many of them could also sell the vegetables and earn from it during the lockdown period.

Sanitation Kit Distribution

During the lockdown days, there were messages spreading on the importance of sanitation in blocking the spread of virus infection. But there were families among us who could not afford the protection kit. The Sanitation Kit Distribution that we undertook reached almost 1000 families who were unable to afford the price of sanitizers and other emergency requirements. The Kit included Hand sanitizers, Masks, Bath soaps, Washing soaps, Sanitary napkin etc., which were distributed to the adolescents.

Income Generation Support

To recover from the loss that the lockdown created, we had initiated income generation support programme that helped the daily wage labourers during the lockdown. Rickshaw trolley distribution and Rope Making Support were provided to daily wage workers who had lost their livelihood and income during the period.