Adolescent Empowerment

We extend our roots to the adolescent community through our Adolescent group named “Sapno Ki Toli”. Sapno ki Toli is a space where adolescents come together share their problems, learn new things, engage in workshops and trainings, understand their rights and prepare themselves to fight their issues at the community level.

We believe that a change in the society is possible through purposeful and meaningful interventions with adolescents. The exposure one receives during the adolescent age can help them lead a life that can inspire generations to come. A proper guidance and a good friendly atmosphere where they can express their ideas, share their problems, receive support and appreciations are what they require to make use of their full potential in the best of their ability.
Adolescents around us face a number of issues. Uttar Pradesh is a state which is still struggling with issues like poverty, malnourishment, lack of education, unemployment, child marriage, etc. We work with adolescent girls and boys from Dalit and Musahar community. Many of them are first generation learners too. They lack support from their home, and are burdened with domestic chores and oppressive environments, and they face discrimination at various levels.
For the adolescents, coming from the communities that are deprived for years, finding a way out from this cycle of problems is difficult without proper support and guidance. We aim to work for the welfare and empowerment of the adolescents who are most backward socially and economically. With our efforts we hope to bring them out from the layers of oppression and ignorance.
In “Sapno Ki Toli”, they share their dreams and figure out ways to reach their dreams.
Numbers that Concern:
Every one among three married adolescent girls face Violence
Around 20 Lakh adolescent girls are married below the age of Eighteen in Uttar Pradesh


  • Strategies Adopted in working with Adolescents:

    Promote the agency of 10-19 years old girls and boys by training them on Gender roles, reproductive health, healthy living through life skills and creating space for inter gender communication.
    Engage gatekeepers by working with families of adolescents, communities and schools to provide safe and supportive environment to adolescents:
    Through parents and families.
    Through community leaders
    Through schools
    Through community based organizations such as self help group, farmers associations, Nari sangh
    Engage duty bearers through advocacy to promote pro-adolescent policies and structures to improve social and development outcomes for adolescents in health, education and safety.
    Address health and hygiene through frontline health workers.
    Adolescent CBOs formed: 480